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Ryan Honary is a young adult with a passion for applying STEM technology to create environmental protection solutions. In 2018, when he was in just fifth grade, Ryan was motivated to develop an early detection system capable of circumventing a catastrophic wildfire after witnessing the devastation caused by the Camp Fire in Northern California. That year he entered and won the $10,000 Grand Prize for the Ignite Innovation Student Challenge held in partnership between Tata Consultancy Services and Discovery Education for his Early Wildfire Detection Network submission which provides app technology to firefighters. Subsequently, he won numerous awards including a finalist in the Broadcom Masters Science Competition as well Disaster Hero Services Award from the Red Cross of Southern California.


Since then, as part of the Sensory Al team, Ryan has applied for and been awarded multiple rounds of funding from the Office of Naval Research to develop an AI-based system to predict environmental hazards, as well as maintenance needs of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. Ryan is excited to see SensoRy Al grow and to continue to make his vision of using artificial intelligence to solve problems and protect the environment a reality.


While not developing science-based solutions to local and global climate challenges, Ryan loves playing competitive tennis where he is consistently ranked in the top 1% of players in the highly competitive Southern California region. Additionally, he volunteers to teach tennis to special needs kids. When he has time, Ryan enjoys singing and shredding on the electric guitar, and surfing in his hometown of Newport Beach, CA. From a young age, Ryan has been traveling all over the world, which has fueled his curiosity to meet different people, places and cultures. He also enjoys playing with his dog Barney. To learn more, visit or @ryanhonary on all Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also view videos of Ryan’s work on YouTube.

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