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Ryan Honary to attend Stanford Online High School

Newport Beach, California (March 4, 2022) - Ryan Honary, 14, was recently accepted into the prestigious Standford Online Highschool. The independent school for academically talented 7-12 graders is part of Stanford University and was founded in 2006 to create an “innovative online program of study.” The program does not publish its acceptance rates, although it is estimated to be less than 10 percent.


At Stanford OHS, students are placed based on their readiness, rather than solely by age or grade level. The program offers advanced middle school courses, as well as 28 post-AP and university-level courses, with 66 percent of instructors holding Ph. D’s in their field. 


The program’s student body is made up of academic all-stars from 47 U.S. states and 43 countries around the world. Students are able to interact with their peers and instructors through live, seminar-style classes, quarterly in-person gatherings, on-campus labs and homecoming on the MIT campus. Additionally, young entrepreneurs like Ryan have the opportunity to participate in electives that connect them with the leaders of Silicon Valley.


Ryan is grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to furthering his education - and his work to combat climate change.

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